Data Collection Services

Need to administer surveys?Are you conducting market research or program evaluations? We are here to offer you data collection services and assist you with Surveys, interviews, focus groups, and direct observations.

Data collection method is an important consideration for any research project. Our experienced statistical consultants are skilled in data collection services includingon-site administration of paper surveys, web-based surveys, interviews, focus groups, and direct observations. We can also create online surveys using a variety of web-based software, such as SurveyMonkey, Qualtrics, and more, to collect research data in a variety of fields.

We are here to help you in designing and creating surveys in medical research, public health research, and nonprofit research.

Why choose us?

  • We are a research consultancy firm, with a team of experienced individuals. We provide data collection services for the innovative policy research of our clients by understanding the logic and need of each question of the clients’ research instruments. This helps us in training our team betterand the subsequent collection of accurate and reliable data.
  • Our research background allows us to assist our clients in improving their research study’s design, instruments’ development, impact evaluations, and any data analysis as per the clients’ needs.
  • We offer designing not only paper-based questionnaires/forms, but also electronic data collection.
  • Our experts take complete care of data’s scrutiny, management, and handling once it has been collected.

Looking for technical assistance and advisory services?

We are a research and consultancy firm, unveiling a dynamic combination of professionalism, experience, and expertise. We offer technical assistance and advisory services specialized in social and economic development. Our team includes professionals who are accomplished in designing and implementing major reform programs, conducting appraisals, building capacity, strengthening institutions, monitoring and evaluation. We are dedicated to work with different organizations to advise, address specific needs, deliver training to researchers or help build your organization’s capacity for training delivery.

Our capacity building programs help organizations to obtain, improve, and retain the skills, knowledge, and resources needed to do their jobs competently and/or to a greater capacity.

Why choose us?

  • Our services range from capacity building of officials and district managers, to developing models for public private partnership and implementation of reforms.
  • We offer both in-service training on technical information as well as on life skills required to meet our client’s particular needs.
  • We can also develop tailored training programs suited to client’s needs or on specific topics.
  • Our capacity building programs focus on understanding the obstacles that inhibit people, government and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from realizing their development goals and enhancing the abilities that will enable them to achieve measurable and sustainable results.

Let us make your accounting accurate and affordable, and tax time stress free!

We are a Group of Professional and Experienced Accountants, engaged with the business of Consultancy and Management. We provide solutions for Accounting and Bookkeeping services, internal audit (to control and highlight business risk) costing (to know your business ratios), budgeting (to help your future plan), billing and credit control, handling tax issues, preparation of financial statements, stock management, and business advisory functions for local companies, Non-Profit Organizations and other sectors. Our servicesare in accordance with International accounting standards, Company laws, Business Laws, and Tax Laws enforced in Pakistan. We are available to serve you as your company’s CFO, Cost Accountant, Company Secretary, Internal Auditor, Tax Consultant and Business Manager as per your needs.

Why choose us?

  • Through years of experience, we have established the tools and resources you need to turn your business from just a livelihood to a vehicle of financial freedom.Our long-term approaches give you peace of mind that your affairs will be managed with care.
  • Our friendly specialists provide the clients comfort of handling all day-to-day to complex transactions using industry knowledge and making sure all operations are accounted for correctly.
  • With expert advice, we will change the way you think about your business! Our professionals will equip you with the knowledge and expertise you need to build growth, increase sales and produce higher profits.

Are you searching for reliable IT support?

Let’s face it, the businesses today – big or small – are to a huge extent dependent on IT systems. We are here to assist you as a full-service management consulting, user experience, and technology solutions firm. We provide expert, objective advice to help solve complex business and technology challenges. Our profound capabilities in strategy, organization, process, analytics, user experience, and technology help our clients improve their performance.

We are dedicated to make you completely satisfied with our services and keep your business up and running. We will do whatever it takes to keep you hassle and problem free.

Why choose us?

  • We design, evaluate and justify technology solutions from a thorough understanding of the business benefit for your company.
  • We handle all aspects of your IT infrastructure including hardware and software management, vendor relationship s for your internet connectivity, website management and maintenance renewals, and any other related technology needs.
  • In case of problems, our team of experienced technicians will start working to troubleshoot your IT support problems without delay.
  • We assure you to feel secure that your network and data is always protected and safe with our data backup and recovery system.
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